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All you need to know about Amazon Alexa skills

Amazon Alexa skill Development

Artificial intelligence has been ruling the world and it is going to be one of the key characteristics in future products. Amazon has already taken a giant step in providing the AI enriched products to its customers.  The retail giant has been offering a different variety of smart speakers with their own Alexa built.

What are Amazon Alexa skills?

Alexa is the product of Amazon which provides which provides cloud-based voice service to many electronic devices including mobile phones.  Using this amazon Alexa services the user can give different kinds of commands to their device like setting alarm, direct to particular place through the map, play songs and videos.  The tasks that are performed according to the user request are called as Alexa skills.  Simply Alexa skill is a voice-driven application

Alexa has a different kind of built-in skills but developers can develop their own custom skills through Alexa skill kit.  More Alexa skill kit is a combination of natural language processing, speech recognition and text-to-speech encoding that allows the developers to the built new skill set according to their needs.

Features of Amazon Alexa skills:

Global smart speaker market is controlled by Amazon Alexa in recent times due to its numerous features.  Here are lists of key features of Amazon Alexa skills:

Stream any audio using Bluetooth:

You can stream any audio in the speakers that are connected with Amazon Alexa skill set using Bluetooth.

Alexa guard:

This skills set will get automatically activated when a person leaves the place without turn off their devices. Alexa skill set will detect the noise or smoke detector going off then it will release the person left the place then it will turn off the device. Learn more about Alexa Guard UK here.

Alexa routines:

This skill will enable the user to set the location and time-based routines and performs certain tasks periodically by detecting the change in temperature and motion sensors.

Email integration:

This skill set helps the user to link Gmail,Hotmail to amazon Alexa app.the virtual assistant feature will read the user’s messages and replies according to through Amazon Alexa.

Freetime features:

Freetime feature in Amazon Alexa helps the user to send goodnight messages to their friends and set up alarms based on the user’s day to day habits.Learn how to build Alexa skills watch youtube video from Alexa developers channel.Learn how to develop alexa skills using python in 10 minutes here.

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