Why 90% of digital transformation projects fail

In fact,A recent research by database company Couchbase found that 90% of digital transformation initiatives underdeliver or fail outright. 90% of digital transformation initiatives underdeliver or fail outright Companies often don’t understand how tech initiatives advance business goals It helps to visualize the users of a system and the processes that the system supports These ...

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How to grow your business with ServiceNow Mobile App by 10X

Hire Best ServiceNow Mobile App Development Company ServiceNow is one of the top growing IT service management (ITSM) Cloud company.Last year or so,they have announced the support of mobile application for servicenow integration.Even servicenow acquired a native mobile platform company called skygiraffe,shows how much importance servicenow is giving for supporting multiple devices and mobile platforms. ...

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java application development company in bangalore

7 Ways Java Application Development Will Help You Get More Business

Why you must consider Java application development to grow your business The popularity of Java as a programming language has been increasing due to its widespread advantages.  According to Oracle Java application development is used by 97% of the desktops across the globe.  Java database helps you to shift/migrate your database to cloud without much ...

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servicenow competitor and servicenow alternatives

Top servicenow competitors and alternatives in 2019

Top competitors and alternatives to ServiceNow in 2019 The quality ticketing system will help the company to save lots of time and efforts to resolve the problem.  In the fastest growing market in the technological world, ServiceNow has emerged as one of the leading providers of enterprise software solutions across the globe. It has brought ...

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ServiceNow Knowledge Conference-2019-lasvegas

ServiceNow Knowledge19 | ServiceNow Knowledge Conference | ServiceNow Events

ServiceNow Knowledge19 | ServiceNow Knowledge Conference | ServiceNow Events ServiceNow Knowledge19, the company’s 2019 conference for customers and partners, is scheduled for May 6-9 in Las Vegas. ServiceNow has pushed beyond traditional IT service management (ITSM) and help desk software to assist businesses with HR, IT security operations and more. The 2018 conference attracted more than ...

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servicenow developer salary

ServiceNow Salary Survey – Nelson Frank

February 11, 2019 • Michael Green, Vice President of Nelson Frank This week I am excited to bring back Michael Green to discuss Nelson Frank’s first market trends and salary survey report. Whenever I talk to Michael or his team I end up discussing market trends, which locations are hot for ServiceNow, and how salaries are trending. ...

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10 Most Popular Web Development Frameworks for 2019-20

There is no denying that businesses can get an unbeatable competitive edge only if they have a solid online presence these days. The internet is growing every day, and it is growing faster than one can estimate. And as this expansion of the internet happens, there is scope for things to be done differently, more ...

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how much is mobile app development cost in india

How much is mobile app development cost in India?

5 Tips For Mobile App Development Cost In India In this digital era, every business owners are transforming to modern trends according to the lifestyle changes. The mobile application development plays a vital role in all businesses to increase the brand and it’s ROI.Lets understand the facts about mobile app development cost for android and ios ...

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web application development services-2019

Top 10 Trends in Web Application Development Services To Watch In 2019

Future Trends in Web Application Development Services In this digitally driven lifestyle, a top-notch web application is much important to lead the business. These web applications are developed as one of the beneficial strategies of the business.In this post we will understand more about the current trends in Web Application Development Services. The Web applications development ...

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it staff augmentation companies

5 Ways Staff Augmentation Solves the Hiring Problem |HunterTechGlobal

IT Staff Augmentation Services The recruiting and hiring process may be taking too much time,money and efforts.Staff augmentation is the solution for the growing needs of highly skilled IT talent. Recruiting talent is a costly and time-consuming venture, and unless you are a staffing agency, it probably is not your core business. No matter how ...

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Enterprise Application Services Company

Best Enterprise Application Services Tips You Will Read This Year

Enterprise Application Services In today’s digital world,There is an increasing demand for highly innovative,customer facing business applications which are available to 24/7 without any downtimes.The traditional solution offerings like packaged off the shelf solutions which are available in the market will not work due to high expectations from new customer segments and demographics like Gen-Z,Millennials.In ...

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ServiceNow Partners | ServiceNow Partners Portal | HunterTech Global

ServiceNow Partners Enterprise software vendor servicenow  wants to  annual revenues to $4 billion by 2020 and aiming at $10B in the coming few years with the help of it partners.ServiceNow partners play a very big role in lofty annual revenue goals.We at HunterTech Global help these partners improve the value of ServiceNow investment with servicenow ...

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ServiceNow Youtube Channel |Top ServiceNow Youtube videos for learning

ServiceNow Youtube Channel  ServiceNow makes work, work better for people. Transform old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows, so employees and customers get what they need, when they need it. Servicenow applications automate, predict, digitize and optimize business processes and tasks, from IT to Customer Service to Security Operations and to Human Resources, ...

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servicenow blog by huntertech

ServiceNow  Blog | NowForum | ServiceNow Community | HunterTech

ServiceNow  Blog  HunterTech Global has started ServiceNow  blog last year to share the news of latest happenings  with servicenow technology,service products,latest servicenow features,servicenow partners,servicenow trainings, Servicenow certification,ITSM knowledge and servicenow integrations with slack,jira and servicenow books etc.Right now the information is scattered across the web and even if you go to servicenow community you may ...

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Top Java programming tools used in application development

What are the top Java programming tools used in application development? Here, we compile a Java tools list featuring the tools every programmer should have installed locally.Learn Java Application Development If you were to put together a Java tool list for application development, what would it include? Which Java programming tools should every programmer have ...

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ITSM Consulting Company

Why Ignoring Best ITSM Consulting Company Will Cost You Sales

HunterTech Global - Best ITSM Consulting Company   Lets understand why do you organisation need Servicenow ITSM to grow your business. As per ServiceNow CEO John Donahoe: “I hope 2019 is a year where we go from defense to offense on that, to help fill the void to have a large-enough pool of certified professionals,” ...

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Getting smart at being smarter

Global access to data is exploding. At the same time, our ability to categorise, classify and analyse this data is also expanding. As this new world of data unfolds, ServiceNow is there to enable businesses to create new data models and their supporting data analytics functions to directly and positively impact growth, profit and expansion. ...

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10 Highlights From Servicenow Kingston Release Your Enterprise Should Know

What is Servicenow Release? ServiceNow is one of the popular cloud-based services providing company which offers service management software as a service. The main purpose of Servicenow Release is to provide services for IT service management (ITSM), IT operation management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM). It automates & standardizes the various process of business ...

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how to increase high roi with servicenow-idc report

15 Things To Know For Higher Roi On Servicenow Secrets Revealed

How To Increase Your ROI With ServiceNow Investment? As per IDC recent report on Delivering Enterprise Value with Service Management,they have listed around 15 new statistics data showcasing return on investment for servicenow cloud based service management platform. If you are planning to pitch to a new customer or planning to implement servicenow,here is important  ...

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9 Tips to Hire Java Developers

Despite the presence of reputed Java Application Development Companies, to hire dedicated Java developers is regarded as a tough task. It is the Java developers who transform a usual project into a success, tackling the java development challenges and giving life to the business’ requirements and users expectations. A time when the market is moving ...

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managed services companies huntertech

Top 25 Managed IT Service Providers in 2019

In this technical era, the Managed IT services providers are a great boon to the business for implementing the modern technology as well as offering the management service. Apart from these benefits a managed service provider company works remotely to manage the customer’s IT infrastructure and end-use system. Every year, the ranking lists of the ...

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What is Java Application Development Services? Why should you hire HunterTech best java application development company in Bangalore,India and California,USA

Over a long period of time, Java has emerged as one of the most famous programming languages in the technology sector. Java is mainly used for developing powerful applications for business because of its ideal features. Some of the common features of java are security, high user experience, multi-threading, scalability, compatibility etc. HunterTech Global Our ...

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The Ultimate Guide To ServiceNow And Slack Integration

In this post we will share different useful resources on how to overcome Slack and ServiceNow integration Challenges.We at HunterTech has wide range of different integrations experience with servicenow similar to Slack and ServiceNow integration.The industry is moving towards API Economy in which your business can integrate slack with servicenow and leverage the advantages in very ...

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Top IT Outsourcing Trends for year – 2019

Top IT Outsourcing Trends for year - 2019 by HunterTech Most of them know about what is IT Software outsourcing,So lets try to understand what to outsource in the current year and upcoming years.What benefits a company gets for outsourcing their software development to a third party IT supplier.We see some new outsourcing trends and ...

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itsm consulting

7 Best ITSM Tools You Need to Know in 2019 and Why?

In this corporate World, every organization has to manage the data and information in an efficient way. So, the organization can conduct the operations and serve their customers in a good manner. However, data management is one of the difficult tasks to complete it within the given time. This led to the usage of ideal ...

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The Ultimate Guide To 7 Different ServiceNow Integrations And Challenges?

Servicenow integrates with many third party applications and datasources.Hence there will be always challenges while integrations.First lets try to understand what are various integrations available with Servicenow like Slack Integration or Jira Integration etc.Here is the list of available servicenow integrations. The new Kingston version is the advanced version that supports existing and new integrations ...

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Managed Services – Business Challenges, MSP Oppurtunity

No doubt that we are in digital economy and customers demanding very high expectations.We already believe that traditional software development methodology and decade old processes are not working. It is a business imperative to change the company culture and move into new ideas, and growth. Hence the need for faster application development and right time ...

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5 Secrets To Digital Transformation

Last few years or so,we have been hearing this term “Digital Transformation” a lot on internet ,social media and everywhere in the corporate sector. First of all let's try to understand few digital transformation examples and use cases and how much % the market is adopting this new digital trend. At huntertech we don't push ...

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5 Lessons I Learned From Servicenow

With the increasing budgets for IT service and overall IT budget year over year, It is clear that the businesses are giving priority for service management and automation. If we observe recent years, ServiceNow has grown and leading in this space of ITSM. In this blog I would like to cover what the 5 lessons ...

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