How much does Tinder App Cost

How much does Tinder App Cost and How much Whatsapp App Cost?

How much does Tinder App Cost and How much Whatsapp App Cost?

Earlier it happens that people use to write letters to each other. Then cell phones came into existence and people started sending texts. With the advancement of technology, the Smartphone gets developed. For making Smartphone smarter several chatting and dating applications also get an introduction in society.

Now people do not wait for months and years for their perfect partner to come and approach them. An application like Tinder has made it so easy for them. Tinder is a dating application through which a user can get his/her perfect match just by swiping right or left. Not only for lovers but also for making friends, families, and people around the world feel closer to each other, several chatting applications like Whatsapp also get introduced. Whatsapp allows the user to send the message, make voice as well as video calls to each other and several more features.

Applications like Tinder and Whatsapp have become a vital part of our life. Through these, we can connect with the world easily. As we have stated that there are several features of this application, hence the cost of developing such apps must be high. Are you also having the question: How much does Tinder App Cost and How much Whatsapp App Cost? If yes, then the answer is here.

How much does Tinder App Cost and How much Whatsapp App Cost?

. Before estimating the cost of developing the application, it is important to know about the time invested in each step.

Project development time for Tinder

Work type Iphone App Development Android App Development iOS & Android
General 65 hours 67 hours 132 hours
Development 450 hours 450 hours 900 hours
Frameworks and libraries integration 27 hours 30 hours 57 hours
Non-development 180 hours 180 hours 360 hours
Design 135 hours 135 hours 270 hours
QA 220 hours 220 hours 440 hours
Release 20 hours 20 hours 40 hours
Total hours 1 097 hours 1 102 hours 2 199 hours


Project Development Time for Whatsapp

MVP features Development time (h)
Registration Max 53
Messages exchange Max 218
Self-destructing messages Max 8
Notifications Max 15
Multimedia file transmission Max 40
Location sharing Max 20
Contact sharing Max 72
Voice calling Max 220
Settings Max 111


How much does Tinder App Cost and How much Whatsapp App Cost?

The developing cost of both the applications Tinder and Whatsapp are quite similar. The estimate costing of managing the project is 3500$. Now coming to the platforms that developing the application for iPhone takes 12800$ and for Android platform the estimated cost is same. For APIs, the developer takes 6000$ and the amount spent on Admin section is 6800$. Well, the costing is not completed yet. The designing section of application costs 4000$ and the cost of Testing is 3500$.

If we take a look over the features that are provided by Tinder application then we can easily assume that Mobile App Development Cost Estimate India will be around Rs. 28,03,040.00 to Rs. 35,03,800.00 ($40,000 to $50,000).  Well, this is a rough estimation. The exact App Development Cost India depends upon several factors.

Well, it is not easy to estimate the exact cost of Whatsapp Mobile App Development. But, after considering the factors, it can be assumed that Mobile Apps Development Company invests around Rs. 28,03,040.00 to Rs. 35,03,800.00 ($40,000 to $50,000) as App Development Cost. App development cost changes along with the change in factors.

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