Proud to be part of Fourth Industrial Revolution by implementing Internet Of Things (IOT) Applications and services – HunterTech.

As per recent industry reports, There are around 40 billion devices which are connected in the world and huge amount of real time data is generating from manufacturing industries, real time health information of patients, real time traffic monitoring data and many usecases are evolving for IOT applications.

HunterTech was one of the leading mobile app development company in usa, we have realised the need of Smart IOT Applications for our clients and started helping them with their needs. Used AI and machine learning to analyse the real time IOT apps data and provide great insights to our customers which improved operational efficiency.

Our Smart IOT App Development Services

  • Energy Optimisation
  • Smart Factory
  • Farm2Retail
  • IoT Gateway Application Development
  • API Development For IoT devices
  • IoT Implementation & Support
  • IoT Cloud Platform
  • IoT Maintenance Services

Our IOT Technology Stack

  • RFID
  • WiFI
  • Zigbee
  • Cellular
  • Low Energy Bluetooth
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Azure IOT Hub
  • AWS IOT Hub
  • Arduino

We have great pool of IOT App Developers can work on different types of IOT Application Development projects and services as below

Specialized IOT Apps Expertise

  • IOT Product Development

  • Data Analytics

  • App Security Consulting

  • Wearable Device Connectivity