Why Outsource Software Testing Services to HunterTech?

Be it be software product testing or mobile apps testing or security testing is not an easy task for any business or company. One has to be highly skilled in the testing tools and test frameworks as well. Manual testing can cover some aspects but if you have some tasks which has to be repeatedly tested it must be automated to save lot of time and human efforts. Our testing professionals are highly experienced and have domain experience to do well quality testing, writing test scripts, test execution and test suites.

Our Test Engineering team is well equipped with right tools and software to perform the job. Huntertech is named as one of the best software testing services company because our customers has always pool of testers available on demand or for a fixed bid project. We have delivered high quality products and software, hence it is a matter of time and savings for our customers.

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Outsource your Manual and Automation testing to the best software testing services company-HunterTech

HunterTech Software Testing Services

Manual Testing

  • Exploratory Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Ad-Hoc Testing

Automation Testing

  • Regression Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Repeated Execution
  • Performance Testing

Agile and Devops is still in adoption and reports saying not all businesses are into yet. So there is lot of work to be done. And if you see pros and cons of Manual testing vs Automation Testing Manual testing will not go anywhere because we develop software products to be used by humans,so automating completely doesn’t makes sense. so both are required to be succeed with new features and product development.

What differentiates us from other testing services companies?

The difference we bring is readily available pool of high quality testing resources, less cost, domain experience and we work like a partner than anything else. And most importantly we are always up to date with technology, tools, frameworks. 24/7 testing work can be done and onsite, offshore model to be competitive and time to market products. Hence our model is simple hire,extend and rehire when needed,which means flexibility for customers instead of spending too much budget on hiring costly full time resources, spend less when needed like pay as you go model.