Digital Products and Platforms Development

At HunterTech, We have always focus on product innovation culture in our company and to our customers. We have helped more than 50+ customers with outsourced product development services and maintain their applications. With that rich product engineering services expertise we ourselves try to come up with new and innovative ideas and recommend to our customers to be highly competitive.

We follow strict policy for outsourcing digital product development, we sign NDA and any other IPR related documents to ensure our customers are happy with our services and quality. Traditional businesses can’t survive unless they turn to digital transformation, As end users / customers are smart enough and have high demand technology products. With our rich experience in digital product engineering DNA and disruptive technology stack, we can deliver right set of products and solutions for your business.

Advantages of Digital Asset Management?

  • Digital Products And Platforms Development
  • Outsourced Digital Product Development
  • Digital Product Engineering Services
  • Software Development with Independent Software Vendors
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Customer engagement, omnichannel
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Ecommerce and digital marketing

Continuous Product Innovation makes a business beat the competition, HunterTech Digital Product Engineering Services can be your IT partner

HunterTech is a leading IT company with digital-first as our priority for our customers business transformation through digitisation.

End To End Digital Product Development and Digital Product Testing Services

  • Digital Product and platform consulting, ideation, envisioning, and prototyping
  • Digital Product Road mapping, including requirements analysis, architecture design, and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) readiness.
  • Custom software solutions, including Agile and DevOps techniques, platform and data migration, and deployment
  • Testing & QA, such as consulting services on Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), test automation, performance testing, and specialized services for compliance, web services and accessibility testing
  • Develops Release engineering, including management, configuration and on-going maintenance and improvement
  • Technical support, featuring Level 1, 2, and 3 end-user support and complete technical documentation