Winning in Digital Era requires strong implementation partners like Enterprise Application Services – HunterTech

There is no doubt the complete digital landscape has been changed last one to two decades tremendously, the way we eat, the way we travel and how we live has changed fundamentally. This raises question for any organisation to stay afloat and be the front runner and be competitive in the digital disruptions.

At HunterTech through their partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, IBM, Security companies has led innovation and co develop innovative solutions and support our customers with different Enterprise Application Services. The IT systems and Infrastructure Management demands 24/7 expectation of running business and the business services should not effect customers with downtime or other issues. There is lot of demand for 24/7 operational efficiency and IT Support. Devops as a services is also now one of the important service to implement, so business can rollout new products, features very agile manner.

HunterTech is an trusted partner for many organisations like microsoft, IBM etc and also thrive to provide great Customer Experience (CX) solutions for Gen Z millennials and their everyday changing demand patterns. We take customer experience very important aspect to acquire, service and retain our customers.And we build virality into the products, so it reduces the customer acquiring costs and improve sales and revenues.

Below are our Enterprise Application Services and Managed Services Consulting

  • Oracle
  • SalesForce
  • Microsoft
  • Netsuite
  • ServiceNow
  • Enterprise Integration Services
  • Testing Services
  • Managed Cloud Services (AWS & Azure)