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Things to know about flutter application development:

You have heard about flutter app development because it is making headlines in mobile application development space these days. Still, it doesn’t get a stable release but many development giants like Alibaba, Google ads, birch finance, app tree…Etc is started adopting this technology.  Android is one of the largest platforms for mobile application development but it is facing tough competition from IOS.  In our driven world if you plan to reach the global audience it is important to develop a mobile app. But porting your application to Android and IOS is a difficult task and it requires lots of time and resources. You may think it will be great to develop an application that runs in both the platforms without any major changes.  This concept led to the development of flutter.

What is flutter?

Flutter is an open source platform for mobile application development which is written on dart language. It is a user interface tool provides the same user interfaces to both Android and IOS platforms.  It was introduced in the year 2017 and in earlier days it only supports the Android platforms and was known as the sky.  The latest version of the flutter which is called flutter 1.0 supports both the user interfaces of Android and IOS platforms.Learn more about flutter 1.2 and dart 2.2 release here

Features of flutter:

  • After its launch in 2017, it becomes more flexible these days as its UI’s and graphics have improved a lot these days. Flutter provides you the customized interfaces with unique themes and priorities according to your needs.
  • Flutter has been developed with native ARM code which is very helpful for new startup ventures who are all involved in the tech business. With the help of the flutter, you can able to execute your ideas very easily and take more benefits from the projects.
  • An interesting feature called hot reload in a new version of the flutter enables the user to interface a wide range of widget with ease.
  • Flutter is entitled to GPU and rendering power which allows working on the latest interfaces.
  • With Google flutter, you can able to insert web components in their applications.
  • Its graphics have been improved a lot these days which helps you work on different audio, video and image formats.

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Hunter tech is one of the leading flutter app development services  in Bangalore,India and San Francisco,USA  provides high-quality flutter app development  to its customers. If you are looking for a flutter app development company you can hire huntertech for reliable and timely services.  Hunter tech is employed with lots of flutter app developers who are well aware of the dart course can help you in getting the proper mobile application for your business at affordable pricing. Our technical team is well knowledged and well equipped with patience. We can hear your suggestions and your queries and act accordingly.  Then what else stops you in hiring us? After knowing the advantages of flutter app development and hunter tech it is better to choose those in order to get proper flutter app for your business.

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