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The Managed devops as a service and cloud services under one team

Devops as a service (DAAS)  is evolving very fast in recent years.The development and operations team are deploying apps and moving apps in faster pace to the cloud.There are so many devops virtual tools available to use and deploy apps into the cloud.Many of them help into these areas of CI / CD Process,like continuous integration tools like jenkins,monitoring tools like nagios,security,automate infrastructure using chef etc.

HunterTech is one the leading devops as a service ( DAAS) provider,we have worked with good clients like skyhigh,mcafee to name few.Our team can help your business improve time to market,optimise development and operational efficiency,Your core resources or employees can concentrate on important tasks of your business rather than putting them on to low priority tasks.We have experienced and proven devops consultants available on demand,hence no need of hiring Fulltime employees for devops and pay high price to learn the wheel.

Lets connect and see if we can improve your devops strategy in house using our dedicated pool of devops teams.