What is the cost of ServiceNow Admin Certification Exam?

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

 Get certified and become indispensable

 ServiceNow admin is one of the most demanded skill in the year 2019.In this post we will explain how to get trained and certified with good quality training resources and servicenow training offerings at various locations


Passing the ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam demonstrates mastery of ServiceNow System Administration and certifies that a candidate has the skills and essential knowledge necessary to manage the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow platform.

Successfully passing this certification exam also establishes the core skill set necessary to pursue further certification for individuals.


This exam is mapped to the three‑day ServiceNow Fundamentals training.

To be successful on this exam, candidates should have attended the ServiceNow Fundamentals class and have at least six months of hands‑on experience with ServiceNow.

Industry experience with database concepts and system management, as well as knowledge of IT Help Desk processes and the incident, problem, and change workflows is also helpful.

To prepare for the exam, please download the exam blueprint and review what will be covered.

End User Agreement

Prior to completing registration, attendees will be required to review and accept an End User Agreement.

Exam Registration and Scheduling

ServiceNow Certification exams are computer‑based, multiple‑choice exams delivered by ServiceNow testing partner Kryterion, in a proctored environment. Online proctoring is also available.

Appointments may be made in advance or on the actual test day, subject to availability. Please visit WebAssessor to register and sign up for the exam.

Online Proctoring Requirements

Attendees who would like to review the requirements, including the need for a standalone webcam (one that is NOT integrated to a computer/laptop), please visit the WebAssessor download page.

Attendees must also use a Windows‑based PC and Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

To prepare for the exam, please download the exam blueprint and review what will be covered.

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