What is the difference between Node.js and PHP?


What is the difference between Node.js and PHP?

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a JavaScript programming language which runs on the server. It is utilized to make web pages
synergistic and propulsive too. The evolution of Node.js in 2009 made it feasible to execute asynchronous
coding with Javascript.

What is PHP?

PHP is the hypertext preprocessors and it is a general-purpose scripting language that has been
configured for web development purpose. PHP emerged in the year 1995 and ever since has been
utilized as the first quality of language predilection for content management systems like Joomla,
WordPress, Drupal and various modern frameworks like Symphony, Laravel and much more.
Though both PHP and Node.js are a server-side scripting language, they are destined to have numerous
resemblances but there exists diverse dis-similarities as well between both the scripting languages. Let
us delve the differences between both.

Difference between Node.js and PHP

Runtime Environment:

Node.js is a runtime environment for the JavaScript on the Server-side. Whereas, PHP will be installed
readily to utilize the features on the Server-side.

Powered by two engines:

Node.js is powered by Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. However, the PHP is fueled by Zend engines.


JSON works better in Node.js when compared to PHP. Node.js utilizes JSON stringify() and JSON
parse() whereas, PHP utilize it for the functions like json_encode() and json_decode()


Node.js is asynchronous. Whilst, PHP is synchronous

Execution Speed:

In node.js, execution speed will be faster and light-weight when compared to


Web server:

In Node.js, npm does not require a web server, it runs on its own runtime environment. However, PHP runs on the Apache Web Server and as well runs on IIS web server in case of Windows.

Package manager:

In node.js, Node Package Manager is broadly utilized. Moreover, in PHP, the Composer package
manager is broadly used.


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