Hunter tech is one of the major node.js development company based out of Bangalore,india and san Francisco,ca,usa provides reliable and scalable node.js development services at affordable pricing.

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Everything you need to know about Node.js:

Node.js is a server-side platform build for fast and scalable network applications on Google chrome’s JavaScript runtime. It was developed by Ryan Dahl in the year of 2009. It is efficient and reliable in providing data-intensive services to its users.  It is an open source platform runs in javascript and provides server-side and networking applications to its users. The latest version of node.js is v0.10.36 and this application can run on different kinds of operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Linux.  Moreover, node.js provides a wide range of JavaScript modules which eases the development of different kinds of web applications using this open source platform.In this article we will understand more about Node.js development company and services.

Features of Node.js:

A wide range of features in node.js makes it the first choice for software architects across the globe. Here are the lists of few features associated with Node.js:

High speed: node.js is built on Google chrome’s v8 Javascript engine hence its library is very fast during code execution.

Asynchronous and event-driven I/O: Node.js server will never wait for API call to return data instead it moves the next API after calling it and notification mechanism will help the server to get the response from the previous API Call.

Single threaded: node.js follows single threaded model along with event looping which is also one of the major reason for its very fast.

Highly scalable: the event mechanism of the node.js helps the server to respond in a non-blocking way.

Open source: it is open source communities which produce many modules with different capabilities that suit the user. Node js has strong community in Github as well.

Advantages of node.js:

Here are the lists of advantages of node.js:

No buffering: node.js shorts down the overall processing time to upload audio and video file. There are no buffering issues in Node.js.

Easy for coding: node.js helps the developers to write javascript for both server and client and thus making it easy to transport the data between the server and client.

Raise inefficiency: node.js allows the developers to write javascript for both front end and backend process and thus improves the efficiency and effectiveness in the web development process at different enterprises.Learn Node.js

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How Hunter tech helps you in developing your node.js applications?

Hunter tech is one of the major node.js development company based out of Bangalore,India and San Francisco,ca,usa provides reliable and scalable node.js development services at affordable pricing. Headquartered at Karnataka, India.Hunter tech is providing quality and reliable web development services for different sectors. With skilled and experienced node.js developers Hunter tech is one of the leading node.js consulting firms in bangalore,india and sanfrancisco,usa.You can hire us for your node.js development needs because we are offering this service at affordable pricing without comprising quality. We will ensure the timely delivering and also provides technical support for a particular period of time which will also help you to get used to the application.