What is the difference between Node.js Vs ReactJs?

Node.JS Vs React JS

What is the difference between Node.js Vs ReactJs?

What is Node.js?

Node.js is powered by Google Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine which is an exceedingly fast framework that offers various libraries of JavaScript to streamline the development of convoluted apps. It utilizes the event-driven, non-blocking Input/Output model that aids in fashioning efficient and light-weight apps.

What is ReactJs?

ReactJs was introduced and powered by Facebook and it is an open source JavaScript depository which is primarily utilized to construct an astounding User Interface. Just after the unveiling, it got a great response from the developers.

In this article, we’ve provided you with some of the major difference between the Node.js and ReactJs which will aid you to choose which is better for your organization. Here we go with it.

Node.js Vs ReactJs

  • Node.js will be used to develop server-side applications which can be written in JavaScript. Whereas, ReactJs supports both frontend and server-end process.
  • Node.js developers can speed up apps developed in vertical as well in the horizontal manner. However, ReactJs will display the components in great amounts rapidly and effectively
  • Node.js runs on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine which compiles the code that is written in JavaScript directly into the machine code. ReactJs runs on the specialized chrome extension which makes it easy to debug and as well delivering the code from server to browser will ultimately increase the SEO of the webpage.
  • Node.js will be highly extensible. Whereas, ReactJs is rich in sources like create UI Test cases, utilization of the code components. As well, it increases the debugging speed and makes the developers feel good.
  • Node.js supports real-time web app development. ReactJs supports app development for both Android and iOS.
  • Node.js supports caching of particular modules. But the ReactJs supports the components which can be applied to the development process without re-writing to an existing application code


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