Top differences between React Native and Hybrid apps

What is React Native?

React Native apps are created in the language required by the platform it aims Swift or Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and much more. The code which is written is not shared across platforms and as well their conduct varies. They have direct access to all characteristics which are afforded by the platform without any limitations.

What are Hybrid apps?

Hybrid applications are the essential websites which are integrated into the mobile application via what we call a Webview. They are created using CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and they execute the same code irrespective of the platform in which they run. As well, they can utilize tools like Cordova, PhoneGap, utilize the native features of the devices like Camera, GPS, etc.

React Native Vs Hybrid apps

Write Once, run everywhere:

  • The Goal of React Native is not to offer a way to write once and run everywhere. Instead, they need developers to utilize the components which follow the native behaviours of the platform
  • Hybrid apps will run the same code regardless of the platform. However, in order to feel like a native, Ionic will adopt a few of the native behaviors accordingly.

Language stack:

  • React Native is based on the JavaScript framework which utilizes Javascript codes which evokes HTML but basically isn’t – they call it JSX.
  • Hybrid is a framework which is based on Angular and JavaScript framework. It utilizes HTML templates for viewing.

Developer experience:

  • React Native delivers native views and there are no Web views. This means, all the browser interoperability issues go away. And the developer can focus on essential things instead of wasting hours on fixing bugs
  • Constructing a hybrid app means, one can manually inherit all the issues that the web has. All the annoying bugs which appear in one browser, all those styles work inconsistently across various browsers.


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