Difference between React Native and Native Apps

React Native Vs Native Apps

Difference between React Native and Native Apps

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework which is developed by Facebook to enable a seamless and simple cross-platform mobile development. It fundamentally means that you don’t require to develop an iOS and Android Applications separately. All you need is one codebase to create amazing applications for both iOS and Android platforms, without jeopardizing on the UI and UX experience.

Pros and Cons of React native


Open Source – It provides access to examine the code which enhances the insight of the framework. As well, it improves the platform by adding the features

Cost effective – React Native ensures maximum code usage where the code can be utilized for iOS as well as Android, which leaves the mobile application development price by half.


Restricted third-party components:

Still, the mobile app developers are in a quandary whether the community created components will be supported by the next reaffirmation or not. In addition, it shortens the chances of stressing the preferable features which are more probably to be supposed by the application developers to enforce in their applications.

What are Native apps?

A native app is a software or program which has been created to execute some special task on a specific environment or platform. Native apps developed using Software Development tools for a peculiar software platform, hardware framework or Operating System which is like Android application developed using JDK on Java platform, iOS app developed using iOS SDK, Objective C, and Swift.

Pros and Cons


Fast and amenable – Native apps afford the fastest and amenable experience as they are accessible with built-in features of the device and makes them simpler to work with.

Safe and sound – Users are endured with safe and sound security as they are intended to comply with the respective criteria of the app stores and get the commendation for what they are desiring for.


Expensive and Time-consuming:

A native app is advised to be an expensive notion, the applications must be congruous with multiple mobile framework and devices. The cost of sustainment is also higher and makes it incredulous. In addition, the mobile application developers are intended to get access from the respective application store that makes it time-consuming with no assurance to succeed.

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