The 9 Biggest Offshore Software Development Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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Common mistakes you can easily avoid in offshore software development:

There is lots of significance in outsourcing your software development requirements. You can save costs by choosing the company that costs lower than in your country when it comes to software development.  Moreover, you can also choose a high qualified professional across the globe to work on your project which can increase the efficiency and can help you to get quality outputs. There are lots of offshore software development companies are available all around the globe.  However, hiring the low-quality offshore software development company will result in project failures, costs, time loss, and delay in launching the product.  Here are a few common mistakes you can avoid while outsourcing software development. See Telstra massive offshore hiring here

Poor selection process:

Most of them fail in analyzing the particular offshore software development company before choosing. It is mainly due to the lower cost offered by these companies. More importantly, cost plays a significant role in your offshore software development process.  It is common that the companies that are charging a lesser amount in the market will have low-quality professionals where you cannot expect a quality product from them. You need to do a proper analysis of their relative experience in this field, their operating model and their way of functioning in the market.  You can check the reviews, and feedbacks of the previous customers and you can also ask them for their portfolio which can help you to understand their standards and their expertise.

Unclear requirements and vision of your project:

Before going for offshore software development you need to clear about your project first. Why you are developing this project and what is the motto of developing this project. It will help you to understand your requirements and you can choose the companies that are well expertise and experience in meeting your demands and requirements. It will also help you to communicate in a better manner to your company that helps in bringing the quality output for your product.

Poor communication:

Communication has an important role to play in the offshore software development process. You should not underestimate the communication because lots of projects hit the bottom due to lack of communication. For instance, if you are hiring an offshore software development company in India you need to communicate properly to them about your requirement and what is your expectation. It helps them to understand your requirements and needs and work accordingly. So, proper communication is essential when hiring companies from India. You need to check their communication standards and their way of communication before hiring an offshore software development center (ODC) India.

Culture misfit:

For instance, if you are looking to hire an outsourcing software development company in India it is important to understand their culture and way of working.  It will help you to develop a good rapport with them which can play a significant role in the outcome of the project.  Sometimes the working culture may also differ from country to country apart from language.  So you must be careful while choosing them.

Today’s leading technology companies, including Google and Apple, have used this strategy to their advantages. A number of successful startups have done the same: Fab, AlertBoot, SeatGeek, Gliffy and others have all relied on teams of outsourced developers, outsourcing a software development company, for example, at some point to complement their in-house teams with specific projects or tasks.

A number of countries throughout Latin America and other parts of the world have recently begun churning out a growing number of talented engineers. Such outsourced developers often specialise in skills that aren’t available or are too expensive to hire locally.

This is why an increasing number of US companies, for example,  have begun to look to nearby countries in Latin America, in a process called “nearshoring,” for their software development outsourcing needs.

So, while the risks of outsourcing outsourcing are clear, they can be overcome. By using outsourcing strategically — as a way to supplement in-house developers, gain access to a larger talent pool, and improve communication and collaboration with a nearshore team –organisations can boost their productivity and build a technology that finally does the same.

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Source: Information Age

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