Importance Of Digital Media And How The Future Of Digital Media Looks Like?

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The face of digital media is changing every day with growing number of internet users and also with billions of smart phones over the planet.This is really interesting topic and gained lot of momentum past decade or so since smart phone evolution.With the availability of low cost smart phones and 3G,4G data availability across the globe,the internet data generated in last two years has surpassed all data in the history of internet.That tells us how much the consumers are consuming digital media via smart phones,Tabs and Desktops,other devices in realtime on the go with seamless experience.In this article I will explain few points about the consumption of digital media and the demand from consumers,businesses ( B2B ) and how the future of digital media looks like.

Primary drivers for the growth and demand of Digital Media

Digital Entertainment

Consumers or end users worldwide are on average spending 6.5hrs per day on smartphones either reading blogs,watching videos,playing games online.The end user expectation for innovative apps,videos,music,digital content demand is very high these days.It could be online or through smart tvs,netflix videos or netflix movies you will see everywhere the digital content flowing in and the previous decades movies,tv shows are getting digitalised now because of demand.The consumers want entertainment on the go,faster and realtime.(example sports fans want to watch live matches while travelling also using smart phone and interact with other sports fans ).

Video is getting bigger and bigger

Gone are the days where internet users read only blogs and see you tube videos.But with facebook,twitter,instagram have provided Live streaming options,it become easy for businesses to connect with their customer on live and get their feedback,interact with consumers or fans in realtime.The live videos can be recorded and share with customers who has’nt see live.Its just an example but video is going to be bigger in the another 2-3 years and most of the internet traffic is coming from videos nowadays and its going to be bigger than ever.

Businesses taking videos seriously

From startups to large businesses have some form of video strategy because the B2B customer want to see a testimonials through videos and experience product demos via videos and whole customer buying journey and average touch points are 7 or more before a customer buys a product or service.Hence all the attention is towards online and digital.A business without a video strategy and promotion may loosing competitiveness with the constant evolving of digital media consumers.

The future of Digital Media

Having said the above points,Its clear there is huge demand for digital media content because the supply side is not enough with exponential growth of online and digital media channels.Currently the businesses already adopting multiple digital media channels to promote and no doubt the future of digital media is very broad with the number of channels increasing at faster pace every year.Its going to be growing everyday and businesses should immediately start taking advantage of digital media and provide long lasting experiences to your customers,partners and employees.To be competitive and relevant customers expecting visual experience in real time,anywhere and on the go.

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