5 Incredible Electric Scooter Mobile Apps Examples

The on-demand electric scooter applications are growing since the emergence of startups like Lime and Bird. The electric scooters are the most famous vehicles as they are said to be pocket-friendly and eco-friendly. At the same time, these small vehicles are manoeuvrable and convenient during rush hour traffic. As per research, Electric Scooter Industry in India has occupied the larger share of the market, however, the share of e-scooter is expected to grow in the future.Brought to you this article by HunterTech,Top Electric Scooter App Development Company based in Bangalore,India.

Are you looking for the e-scooter apps? In this post, we’ve mentioned the top and best electric scooter Mobile applications across the globe and also in India

Electric Scooters ( Escooters) Industry in India

 In India, the Electric Scooter market has generated a revenue of $0.80 million in the year 2018 and it was anticipated to register 36.3% CAGR during the forecast period. Now, the e-scooters are the future of daily eases and people have recognise this new economical way to get around in the city. 

 5 Best electric scooter (e-scooter) mobile applications examples 

As of 2019. There are a dozen of applications for electric scooter sharing. But, the following are the most popular ones which deserve the spotlight. How are they winning the electric scooter game?

 Spin – Ride Your Way

 Spin is one of the best e-scooter mobile applications which was founded in the year 2017. This application mainly concentrates on bikes which later changed to e-scooters. Within a week after it’s launch many riders were surpassed. 

 This electric scooter application works in a simple way – you can use the guidance to find the nearest spin scooters, enroll your payment credentials, and unlock the scooter with the QR code.

 Lime – Your ride anytime

 Lime was unveiled in the year 2017 and rapidly took off with a subsidy of $12 million. In January 2018, the brand decided to enhance the electric bikes and established electric scooters the following month. Those Lime scooters are charged by private contractors who power up the vehicles overnight and put them at specified areas.

Lime scooters are equipped with a 3G connection and GPS navigation system apart from the smart lock system and solar panel to prevent stealing. Lime scooters are can be unlocked with the QR code. 

Bird – Electric Vehicle sharing company

A bird is another scooter sharing app that is famous for operating e-scooters in India. The people can unlock and locate the electric scooter via a smartphone application that comes with a range of features like Real-time GPS Tracking, QR code consolidation to unlock and lock the electric scooter, smart lock, maps to find nearby e-scooter and payment gateway consolidation. 

Skip – the best way to win an e-scooter game

Skip is a dockless e-scooter startup that was launched by Boosted Boards. The brand has landed license to operate in traffic under a new navigate program. People can install the Skip application in their smart mobile to scan a QR code and locate the nearest e-scooter that are good to go.

Mobycy Zypp

Mobycy – the smart e-scooter and electric bike-sharing application. It is a dockless electric scooter application, ZYPP, electric bike, and bicycle sharing application. The brand brings stationless ZYPP electric scooters, electric bikes on sharing in India to solve the issues of mile connectivity.


An electric scooter application can help you in beginning your own escooter business at the initial stage. With the friendly user interface, users can register and log in with your electric scooter service and you can rent it.With the help of geolocation, users will be able to find the nearest scooters. 

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