Take Advantage Of Startup Advisor Board – Read These 3 Tips

Last decade or more,We are seeing an upward growth globally for tech startups,venture funding and angel investing.During dot com boom the startup ecosystem is not matured and many of them doesn’t have or know about how to use startup advisor board.But last few years the next generation founders,entreprenuers realized the importance of startup advisor board to scale and grow businesses.

Top 3 Tips Of Having a successful Startup Advisor Board

1. Don’t reinvent the wheel

As a startup founder with less industry experience,you dont need to learn everything and scale the business.The startup advisors on board you setup will help with right kind of skills,direction and good industry connections.Hence saving lot of time founders time to focus on the business growth.

2.Low Friction

Startup advisor boards generally comprise of decades of readily available experience,connections and they know what works and what not because they already seen and experimented many businesses,tried solving problems.Setting up a startup board is easy and less friction with some equity and some minimum monthly cash options.

3.Great Results

Those who have the startup advisor boards have amazing results and growing very fast,beating competitors.For any startup to hire a 20 or 30 year industry experience is expensive.So this option will help them grow fast and low risk involved.

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