The Ultimate Guide To ServiceNow And Slack Integration

In this post we will share different useful resources on how to overcome Slack and ServiceNow integration Challenges.We at HunterTech has wide range of different integrations experience with servicenow similar to Slack and ServiceNow integration.The industry is moving towards API Economy in which your business can integrate slack with servicenow and leverage the advantages in very powerful manner.

Up your service level

Connect ServiceNow with Slack, so your team can communicate transparently and reach a resolution faster. Set up the integration by building a “Slack flow” in the ServiceNow integration hub.

Speed up the time to resolution

With the integration of servicenow and slack,your team can see latest updates about incident in the slack communication channel itself.You can strengthen servicenow model for more transparent communication.

The incidents created in servicenow will be routed to slack directly the integration.Where your team can see record details,collaborate and find resolution to it.Once the incident is resolved the same is updated in slack channel,everyone can see and find how it is resolved.

Slack Spoke

The Slack spoke provides actions which post messages and ServiceNow incident, problem, and change record details to Slack channels.

Slack Actions

The Slack spoke is an available integration through ServiceNow Integration Hub. You can specify the following Slack actions within a flow

ServiceNow Integration Hub

When business needs outpace the capabilities of your development team, you end up with a serious backlog. But with ServiceNow Integration Hub, your IT generalists and process analysts can pick up the slack and break those backlogs easily. Developers can build reusable integration components using REST, PowerShell, and script.

ServiceNow Integration Hub Features

  • Build reusable components so developers can create content for process analysts to extend flows to third party services
  • Extend flows to external servicescodelessly with pre-built spokes using an intuitive, natural language interface
  • Use out-of-the-box integrations for external services like Azure Active Directory, Active Directory, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Hipchat

Now Actions

If your team uses ServiceNow, you can add the Now Actions app to your workspace and get notified of information and status updates in Slack. Without having to leave your workspace, you can approve or reject a request, and collaborate on a ServiceNow record.

Visit the Slack App Directory to add Now Actions to your workspace.

Now Virtual Agent

Now Virtual Agent is a chatbot that can turn common questions into a set of custom scripted answers. For service teams (like an IT helpdesk or human resources, for example), freeing people up from redundant and repetitive tasks allows them to focus on issues that need their full attention.

Getting answers in Slack — right where folks are already working — allows other employees to get back on track and back to work that matters most to them.

Visit the Slack App Directory to add Now Virtual Agent to your workspace.

You can also check here in Stackoverflow,There is so many people looking for answer for this type of questions and our HunterTech team has implemented it successfully.

Here is some few example links and youtube video on how to integrate servicenow and slack

ServiceNow and Slack Partnership

Slack partners with servicenow to bring machine learning into chat app.So there is lot of work going here.Your company start focusing on these mandatory integrations which will increase team productivity and transparent real communication.Give your future employees an onboarding experience they will love

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