5 Reasons Your Current B2B Marketing Is Not Working in 2019,Find Out Why?

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  • 5 Reasons Your Current B2B Marketing Is Not Working in 2019,Find Out Why?

Learn Why Your B2B Marketing Is Not Working?

We are in a world constantly bombarded with many messages,emails,online content,social media apps etc,The attention span of the current online user for your content or product,service is at very low historically.Hence the chances of the finding your message or content online is almost a rare case.If you see since the internet is formed,More than 90% of the content across internet is created in last two years or less.On an average,Daily basis millions of blogs has been created over the internet,The chances of finding your piece of blog is negligible even if it is of high quality and highly authored.So the point here is Is your B2B Marketing working? If not find out why its not working and what action you should take for making B2B marketing works for your organisation.

Missing Human Connection In Entire B2B Marketing

As mentioned above,More and more companies are born every day,We see lot of innovative products or services in the B2B Segment,And the number of touch points is increasing to get to the conversion stage i.e 9 touch points now or more.As the number of marketing channels increasing and number of touch points also increasing parallely,out of this equation the human connection,interaction and human empathy is totally forgotten and missed.The psychology and research institutes are saying still customers who buy products or services like to see physical product and meet the sellers,it could be online or offline.You have a B2B Marketing strategy but check if Human is present in the entire plan or not? Need help with B2B Marketing Ideas,Let’s talk.

Give Value,Get Value

This rule applies everywhere,Are you offering something of valuable to your customers,prospects before even they buy from you?Most of the cases the answer is NO.Offer something free or value to them,it makes your prospects,customers think about your product or services.Businesses have forgot this basic thumb rule and the only messages we see is pushy sales and keep sending the same messages to each and every prospect or customer without even personalising to them or segmenting the customers.Value with empathy works for brands.Just try it.

Don’t sell anything

Selling too much without even understanding who the buyer is and what the problem.”Don’t sell anything” This may sound more scary for any B2B business,But actually it’s not when your marketing,sales team implement this idea.The problem with B2B Marketing is trying to sell too much and at a very higher price.First Identify the problem,Understand your customers at 360 degree,Are they ready to buy or just started looking for solutions like yours?What stage they are currently in?Train your marketing,sales team about first “Don’t sell anything”  then ask them important questions before approaching customers or start campaigns.This option works because as a business owner you will offer value to your customers instead of a pushy sales messages.Need B2B digital marketing strategies,Lets talk.

No Retention Plan

Are you missing to up-sell or cross-sell to your existing customers?That’s actually true with many B2B Companies.Check if your B2B Marketing plan has any line item for anything related to your existing customers?Retention and customer success is very important part of the B2B Businesses and B2B Marketing plans.Cost of acquisition is not much for existing customers when compare to acquiring a new customer.

Own A Growth Team?

Do you have a growth team ( a mix of marketers,sales,designers,product)? The immediate answer is NO.This team is not involved in a day to day marketing and sales activities.They are like working on strategy for that next big sales numbers,revenues for your company to scale,awesome customer experience etc.This gives B2B companies a very high ROI. Relying on traditional marketing,sales organisation may not help your business to grow at a fast pace and highly competitive market.Hence we recommend to start thinking about it.Need help with B2B Marketing Strategy,Growth Hacker or Virtual CMO,Send us a message.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article about things missing in B2B Marketing side.

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