Top problems and challenges faced by B2B SaaS companies in 2019

Problems and challenges faced by B2B SaaS companies

The software as a service (SaaS) sector is as exciting as it is tough. The challenges that B2B SaaS entrepreneurs, merchandisers, and consumer success managers face daily are as countless as they are tough to cope with. However, bringing such an appraise to people’s lives, solely via your product is profoundly a hallmark of contemporary times. But the truth is, setting yourself is a real challenge.

In this blog, we have provided top B2B SaaS challenges and solutions to overcome them in order to scale your enterprise successfully.

Top challenges and issues

Data analysis

Data analysis can be rigorous, particularly when you’re under the gun in a slipstream to break even. Your financing can’t last forever as SaaS professionals are covering serious wages, hence you need to make those insights fast.

What’s the most essential kind of data to scale a SaaS fast? The remarkably crafty study analysis.

How to overcome this challenge

You need to empathise your data and to concentrate on what’s essential so you can scale fast. One of the SaaS investors – Christoph Yanz, built a cohort analysis spreadsheet template which makes setting you around this field of data analysis comparatively simple. It’s an astounding tool for learning how this works.

User on boarding

Indisputably the second greatest challenge faced by B2B SaaS companies is on boarding new consumers successfully to avert product relinquishment in trial periods. On boarding can be broken down into respective fewer challenges, not least of which is aware at what stage you should begin spending capital in the onboarding process in the initial state

How to overcome this challenge

  • Let’s deal with the issue of when to allocate those investments to on boarding. Further, by aiding consumers to empathise your product in person, you’re much more likely to gain qualitative,  invaluable feedback which aids refine your product market fit.
  • Establish tricky points of your UI which require work and or on-boarding pattern to elucidate them
  • Increase your consumer lifetime value (LTV) by establishing personal links which can engender referrals
  • Improve consumer success and up sell higher cost plans
  • The tech firm moves fast and despite on-boarding is an emerging field, there are already some genuinely excellent sources like and

Buyer personas and  consumer profiles

With so much to think about already, the multifaceted task of creating buyer personas and consumer profiles for your SaaS users is an intoxicating proffer. Especially this becomes confusing when the terms are usually used replaceable, even though they’re two different things. And acquiring both proper means finer consequence from your merchandising and on-boarding, eventually improving your sales, consumer acquisition, and consumer retention. Creating your personas is also crucial for your brand story that as any good merchandiser will certify, is vital to engaging your consumer in a way which leads to grievous SaaS growth.

How to overcome this challenge

Let’s start by distinguishing the two clearly.

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you have already unveiled your SaaS product. You’ve at least fit the wheels in gesture or you may already be recognised and looking to scale.

Whichever stage of growth you’re presently at, developing solid, detailed consumer profiles and buyer personas should be lofty on the list of your concerns. When you’ve warehoused your profiles and personas, you can utilise them as a basis for decisions like:

  • The best tone of nomenclature to utilise in your on boarding copy and product
  • Selling points, objections and pain points in marketing material
  • Pricing plan tiers and other facets of your product

Your Personas

  • Start with your data and look at what stands out
  • Invest time on social media acknowledging common ground in interests, habits, and values of your outlooks or ideal consumers

The Software as a Service (SaaS) firm has more than its unbiased share of challenges. As well, there is competition, convoluted strategies to get right and a continual race against the clock. But, if you put in the additional hours and intensify your discernment of the foundations like cohort analysis, effective buyer persona, and killer user onboarding experiences you can begin to gain grievous headway.

Wrapping up

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