The Next Big Thing in Digital

The Next Big Thing in Digital

When we hear this topic “The Next Big Thing in Digital“ it’s very interesting and exciting to know the answers.But two things happen immediately for sure when we hear this sentence one is fear and curiosity of what is the next version of Digital?As an end user of the digital products we have some knowledge of online tools,products we use on a day to day basis like shopping,shared transportation giants like uber,flying taxi’s etc but can we predict what is the future of digital transformation in the next 100 years or 200 years?

Many famous names in the industry like Elon Musk,Jeff Bezos are already working on bigger problems on the earth and work in progress projects for a human life on mars etc.No doubt digital platforms has brought very good solutions to the human kind and saving a lot of time and resources at the same time there are challenges to end user personal data safety and multi cloud platform security issues raising concerns.

There are so many problems on the earth itself like pollution,water,deforestation,diminishing of natural resources,protecting oceans from plastic on this planet.Courageous entrepreneurs should start taking bigger problems whether it is physical or digital needs best solutions.Even though we have progressed very much since few decades but the basic things have been compromised like air,water and natural resources.

It’s not easy to predict the next big thing in digital but we are already seeing some active projects and technologies around AI and machine learning,Drones,Flying taxis and shared economy etc,But the planet needs more such innovative solutions for giving next gen millennials

A safe and happy living place on the earth.

Having said that,Here are a few pointers for The Next Big Thing in Digital I can think of which will lead in the near future and coming years.

  • Data Privacy
  • Multi-Cloud Security
  • Space Tech
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Customer Experience
  • How To Create New Jobs ( Digital,Physical)
  • Digital Education

Hope you got some idea about a few things that can impact or change our lives through The Next Big Thing in Digital for good.

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