The 5 Steps Needed For Putting B2b Saas Companies Into Action

How to improve B2B Saas Companies Business in 2019?

As per forester industry reports,The B2B SaaS Companies market is crowded with so many saas applications available for customers of different industries.The entry barrier in the saas business is almost nothing.Hence the competition is intense and customers demanding new innovative product features all the time.The number of available saas options is limitless.As per Intuit research report,Enterprises an average has 25-100 saas applications or more also.The enterprise saas trends in 2019 saying that 85% of the enterprises are looking to buy saas applications for their needs.So the opportunity at the top is huge and same time intense market competition.

There is thousands of options for enterprise saas buyers,In this highly saturated saas business it is not easy to stand out from the crowd and be able to discovered by the buyer.In this article we will cover 5 ideas and suggestions for increasing your saas business.

Custom Integrations

Every year there is so many third party saas applications coming to market,some may become leaders in their particular domain.The point is if you saas product does not provide many integrations with other saas apps,the end customer may not like it.And also you have to integrate your existing applications,plugins as well.The more you integrate with third party saas apps or atleast with required features your customers are looking for would be helpful.To get custom integration your team should be spending good amount of time,efforts,resources.That is again increases overall cost to the company if it is an ongoing activity due to the volume of integrations.Once you have your core saas product and some minimal integrations,you can take help from companies like HunterTech Global who has worked with 100+ saas companies on custom integrations at lesser cost,high quality work and on demand talent for you.For example we have done integration servicenow with slack,jira etc.Hiring a complementary team can save lot of your b2b saas companies resources and spend more time where your business need rather than non competency side.

On Demand SaaS Growth Talent

We are hearing a lot of new roles and skills in the saas market like growth engineer,growth marketer,performance manager into product,data,marketing,sales side.Hiring these resources will be so much expensive and to get a new employee on boarded,average it takes 3-4 months to hire a resource and the overall spend for hiring is almost equal to the salary of an employee.Means you are paying double the salary for one single employee,starting from searching candidates,paying to agencies and trainings etc.But saas companies realised the cost of hiring these high demand saas talent is increasing and also finding right talent is one of the top problem facing by the industry.A new recommendation suggests,The employee attrition is also very high like 50% of the workforce are looking for new jobs,so there is no guarantee to your hiring investment.To solve this problem,HunterTech Global provides on demand saas engineers,experts or flexible engagement model which suits your business with highly trained,experienced working with saas companies,low cost and HunterTech Global is a trusted partner since long time in the market with nearshore options and offshore options available.

Thought Leadership

Educating prospects and customers is very important task in whole buying journey or customer retention journey.This type of content will increase 14% traffic to your saas product.

As per recent study,Only 24% of saas companies or saas businesses publish content regularly,others are not doing means a lot of opportunity for you to compete in this space.We at HunterTech Global help Saas Businesses with lead generation programs like digital marketing for b2b saas products,saas focused content writing,email marketing,social media selling and brand building activities.We have growth hackers who can spend your marketing budget wisely.

AI will be eating the world soon 

Many big companies like google,amazon,microsoft has begun cloud wars.Even amazon working on applying AI and ML to the most popular amazon web services saas business.We already seeing saas products who is offering chatbots,ready A/B testing tools etc build by AI as backend.If you want to list your SaaS AI based product for free you can list it here for free here.

Last but not least: Important

The above 4 things will help you build solid saas business by focusing what is best for you rather focusing on non core areas of Saas.We at HunterTech Global helped fintech saas company from product concept to development to handover and ongoing support.We are their team to rely on.We are not or never worked separately.It’s like a complementary team with all saas skills needed.The key to success for any b2b saas companies is adding new product features frequently,right time to market and wisely spend on budget can retain existing customers and acquire new customers.By associating with HunterTech Global you have clear edge on the product development,marketing and visibility of resources and budget as well.

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