Top 10 App Integrations of the year 2020

As enterprises collect and generate more data from different data sources, need of aggregating all data at one place and extract value is increasing growing. It is where the data integration app comes in handy. The data integration software allows the enterprises to manage, combine, and understand the data from different sources at one single platform.

  1. UiPath RPA

UiPath RPA is the cloud-based solution that helps the businesses and government organizations to design and manage attended and unattended automation tasks and streamlining the front-office activities. It allows users to store several licenses in the unified database for the future reference.

  1. Samepage

Samepage is an award-winning collaboration app integration built to help co-author documents, manage tasks, share files, and calendars, edit spreadsheets, draw diagrams, and more – in a real time. Its secure sharing allows you to collaborate with contractors, co-workers, clients, and more. Built-in the free group chats and video calling enables you to see your team and conversations with the content that you are working together.

  1. Process Street

Process Street is an easiest way of managing your team workflows, standard operating procedures and recurring processes (BPM). Can easily customize and create checklists with images, text, video, and much more. Streamline approval process with the conditional logic, integrations and automations.

  1. PieSync

PieSync can sync your contacts to your favorite cloud applications two-way & in real-time, thus you may focus on expanding your business. Solution works in its background empowering the SaaS Stack with modified bridges between the Cloud Integration provider.

  1. Pulseway overview

With Pulseway, you will get total control of your whole IT environment. Very easily you can fix all issues when they come up. Still better you may automate tasks so issues do not arise at the first place.

  1. K3 overview

K3 is the data integration platform with both on-premise and cloud applications, which include trading systems, CRMs, order management systems, general ledgers, legacy software and operations systems.

  1. eiPlatform overview

eiPlatform is a data integration platform that helps medium and large enterprises to link their internal & external business apps. Built on the Java framework, this solution leverages apps server technology, industry XML standards and web services to allow management of the multiple interfaces.

  1. Tonkean

For the mid-market and the larger organization, Tonkean is the robotic automation and management platform made for the operations teams, which connects systems, coordinates people and automates work, and allowing teams to concentrate on what matters.


APIANT provides Data Integration Software for the Citizen Integrators, IT Managers, Integration Specialists, Enterprises and SaaS Companies. On the self-hosted or cloud hosted, APIANT platform empowers the developers (low-code) and non-developers to build the sophisticated multi-directional data integrations quickly and visually…

  1. Linx

Linx is the low-code backend app development tool for the IT professionals that help with the automation, oracle data integrations, and databases. This platform allows users to host, design, and deploys various web services with business process management, app integration, and data transfers.

Wrap Up

Thus, these are some of the top app integrations software for the year 2020, for more business solution visit HunterTech website and know more!


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